Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedil Prominent Poet of Sindhi Classical Poetry

Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedil is a significant name in Sindhi classical poetry. Study of his literary and academic work reveals that he is a profound and multifaceted poet. The core of his work is to disseminate the idea of Sufism but in addition to that he established his scholarly credentials through his books on religion, history and allegorical tales. In his life comprising fifty nine years, he wrote thirty four Persian, Urdu, Sindhi and Siraiki books both in poetic and prose form. Major components of his poetry are in those languages. His poetic works especially `Wahdat Nama`, Surood Nama and Faraiz-e-Sufia have been critically acclaimed. Moreover, `Dewans` of his Urdu and Persian poetry are equally important. Mostly, the projection of Wahdatul Wujood (Pantheism) and Hama-Oost (Unity and Diversity) is seen in his poetry, the universal ideas which are found in the poetry of all Sufi poets. Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedil has not only elaborated the mysteries of Sufism but also highlighted the leitmotifs of humanitarianism, peace and fraternity in his poetry. Besides, it seems that poetic skill and art matter a lot to Bedil Faqir. He has presented both; his thought and his skills in the poetic forms of Ghazal, Bait and Kafi. This article I have tried to highlights briefly the basic features of the mystic poetry of Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedil.

Dr. Ehsan Danish. (2018) سنڌي ڪالسيڪلشاعريَء جو هڪ اهم شاعر:فقير قادر بخش بيدل, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-2.
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