State of Sindhi Music in the modern age: A concise perspective

In the contemporary age Sindhi society is fervently fond of electronic media besides, literature. The news irrespective of its size or quality of content travels at the speed of light and hits the four corners of the Global Village. Media truthfully covers every subject under the sun, from society, religion, language to now infectiously 24×7 ubiquitous politics.It's focused gaze is multi-faceted and dimensional. Its amazingly variegated and is an unending drill.Even if one is not interested in music, he/ she has to perforce listen to the inevitable musical signature tune embedded in the radio or TV news. The background music captivates the audience in the dramas and movies.The world of Sindhi music is overwhelming and vast as it has travelled from the era of antiquity of folk singers to classic phonograms, radio, TV, cassette, C.D., to the present day memory card. Now a days mobile applications daily release music albums. This advancement has adversely impacted Sindhi music industry, though the curse of copy cat culture, parody and jarring remixing has also helped artists of highly questionable worth achieve overnight cheap uncalled for publicity.This unfortunate trend has damaged good reputation of bonafide genuine artists and as a consequence of this evil, the quality has gone down miserably and solid professionalism has suffered irretrievably.This article ponders the plight of musicians and examines the present state of affairs in the domain of current Music industry.

Dr. Zulfiqar Qureshi. (2018) جديد ميڊيا۽ سنڌي موسيقي: هڪجائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-2.
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