Motives and importance of thought content in mother tongue

Language has many utilities; it is linked with social, cultural, and economic aspects, with special emphasis on spiritual and psychological sides. Language is the axis of thinking and learning, and knowledge thereof is gained through environment and study. Mother tongue has its own importance in the modern era. Learning the mother language and seeking education in it causes mental development and spiritual awakening because the language of the lullaby synchs with the soul. Similarly, a child grasps the guidelines given in the textbooks better in her or his first language. Closeness with the mother language cultivates self-confidence in a kid. Language and culture are inseparable. Neglecting language causes culture to cave in. The canvas of culture contains science & technology, art, religion, ethics & law, etc. Languages with strong economic aptitude rule the world; this includes English also as well. In the same way, Punjabis settled in Sindh for many years, and have businesses in different towns of Sindh, speak Sindhi fluently and clearly. Likewise, education of local language proves beneficial in their businesses. In this paper, the importance of mother language is highlighted and its impact on the social, economic, psychological, and spiritual aspects have been discussed.

Shabnam Gul. (2018) مادري ٻوليَء جا فڪري محرڪ ۽ انهن جي اهميت, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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