Limitations of Usage of Aspirated Letters and their Solutions

Sindhi language writing system is based on Arabic script, known as “Sindhi Arabic”. It has 52 letters in its alphabet. This was created in 1853 by an official team of the Government, then “Sir Bartle Freire” the commissioner of Sindh recognized Sindhi as the official language for the Sindh province in his governance (ڀ، ڦ، ٿ، ٺ، ڇ، ڌ، ڍ، ک، جهه ۽ گهه) letters Aspirated 10 are There included in this alphabet. These letters have different ways of writing, i.e. 8 letters (ک، ڍ، ڌ، ڇ، ٺ، ٿ، ڦ، ڀ (have been made by the support of the dots and remaining 2 (گهه ۽ جهه (are compound letters, which have been made per international standard of aspiration. In fact, Sindhi language has 20 Aspirated letters, from which mentioned above 10 letters are part of the alphabet, but other 10 ( ) still need to be redefined per international standards. The 2 )گهه ۽ جهه )standard aspirated letters are included in the Sindhi alphabet, but inadequate awareness about specific writingshape of the aspirated letters, has created confusion (گھه ۽ جھه instead of گهه ۽ جهه .(Therefore, mistakes are being made both in composing and in handwriting. Irony is that all this is yet to be noticed by the readers. The middle )ـهه )shape of the alphabetic letter ‘ھ‘is used to make an aspiration of the sound, and have two )ـهه ۽ ـھـه )styles. It is quite easy to understand the aspiration of the sound on behalf of its middle )ـهه )shape, because there are several words in Sindhi language, which have same spellings, and they are differentiated by the aspiration only, like as گهر means home and َھر ِگ means the kind of a sweet. In this connection, the paper is about the styles (Initial, Medial & Terminal) of ‘ھ ‘in the aspiration and simple sounds for handwritings as well in digital compositions on the computing devices by the Sindhi keyboards (MB Sindhi, Multiling O, SwiftKey, etc.).

Shabir Kinyar. (2018) سنڌيلکت۽ ڪمپوزيشن ۾ ِوسرڳنجيواھپي جا عيب۽ انهن جا حل, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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