Moisture, ash and trace elements such as iron, cobalt, zinc, manganese and copper present in medicinal seeds, popularly used and available in Pakistan, were determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry. The highest moisture content was found in Cucumisativis (Kheira), while, the lowest was in Parsley (Ajwain). The highest content resulted from complete burning of Planpagomajorlill (Burtung). Carumcarvi (Caraway) was found to contain the highest amounts of trace elements determined, while Cichorimintybus (Wild Cichory) contained their lowest amount. Copper was found to be highest in Trigonellafoenumgracum (Medicago), while it was lowest in Planpagomajorlill (Burtung) and Cucumisativis (Kheira). Zinc, manganese and cobalt were found highest in Carumcarvi (Caraway), Cichorimintybus (Wild Cichory) and Cumin (SufaidZeera) and lowest in Phyllanothusmaderoslimm (Kanocha), Planpagomajorlill (Burtung) and Cichorimintybus (Wild Cichory).

Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Abdul Ghaffar, Hafiz Muhammad Umer. (2018) Trace Elements in Medicinal Seeds, Scientific Inquiry and Review, Volume 2, Issue 4.
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