A reverse edge magic total labeling of a graph ???? is a one-to-one map ????∶????(????)∪????(????)→{1,2,…,|????(????)∪????(????)|}=[1,|????(????)∪????(????)|] with the property that there is an integer constant ???? such that {????(????????)−(????(????)+????(????))????????∈????(????)⁄}=????. If (????(????))=[1,|????(????)|] then the reverse edge magic labeling is called reverse super edge-magic labeling. In this paper we will formulate the reverse edge magic labeling of two subclasses of trees.

Abdul Raheem. (2018) On Reverse Super Edge Magic Total Labeling of Subdivided Trees, Scientific Inquiry and Review, Volume 2, Issue 3.
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