The post quota regime brought a revolutionary change in the knitwear export promotion in various countries, such as China, India, Bangladesh and Cambodia, but at the same time some countries like Pa ... Read More

All over the world, the regulatory bodies work to achieve the maximum efficiency in the financial markets. Only in the presence of efficiency and feasible economic conditions, a stock market can per ... Read More

Impact of micro-credit and role of education in poverty alleviation through income generating of the poor rural people was studied in three rural union councils in district Lahore. The results showe ... Read More

Creative writing, across the globe, is a highly talked about issue with academia, academicians and learners having mutual consensus as to its scope and significance. However, analysis of the local t ... Read More

This article reviews the implementation process of Islamic policies for income transfer and the redistribution of wealth i.e. Zakat, Ushr and Baitul-Maal. This follows two broad questions. First, the ... Read More


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