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Pakistan has been depending upon foreign aid in many social sectors and especially the education sector of Pakistan has a long history of receiving foreign aid through multiple programmes and project ... Read More

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Examining unit root properties of macro-economic time series has become a necessary pre-requisite for establishing order of integration. The study used conventional unit root tests that indicate leve ... Read More

This Paper shows the comparative study of two peer groups of Microfinance Institutions based on the data of Pakistan Microfinance Institutions. Microfinance is the provision of financial services for ... Read More

The study is an empirical investigation of the nexus of ownership structure (shareholding’s pattern) and financial performance of banks (Islamic and Conventional) in Pakistan. To accomplish the purpo ... Read More

Abstract. Poverty reduction is one of the greatest global challenge. So, the very first goal among the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to eradicate pov ... Read More

This research is an attempt to presents a model for how perception of politics (POP) creates a variance in intensions to perform a job. Current study tries to develop and test the model of psychologi ... Read More

Operational risk is closely associated with an Islamic banking institution’s daily business. This risk exists before all other risks exist and will always be present in an Islamic banking institution ... Read More

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Emotional intelligence has been linked with numerous positive outcomes in life. Consequently, it has been the focus of many theories. The present study was built upon the conceptualization of trait e ... Read More

The basic purpose of the current paper is to provide an overview about the paradigms and to highlight the paradigm to which finance belongs. It discusses four paradigms i.e. functionalist or positivi ... Read More

Present study aims to examine the impact of life values such as inner harmony, rationality, family attachment and benevolence on employee performance, operationalized as goals achievement and the abs ... Read More

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This study aimed to find the socio-economic impacts of Multan-Sukkur motorway in Pano Aqil, a Tehsil of District Sukkur. The project has already brought a positive socio-economic change in the outloo ... Read More

The objective of this study is to investigate the impact of office automation systems on amotivation of employees through technostress by employing self-determination theory (SDT). Punjab Civil Secre ... Read More

Islamic banking is criticized worldwide on a variety of grounds. But despite criticism, Islamic banking co-exists with conventional banking and contemporary research is fertile in this area. It has b ... Read More

This study evaluates the technical efficiency of listed spinning firms in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). For this purpose, Data Envelopment Analysis technique under Variable Return to Scale (VRS) ass ... Read More

The purpose of this study is to investigate the significant impact of macro-economic factors on the level of credit risk and, to determine the moderating effect of Market concentration (HHI) on relat ... Read More

The study is conducted to examine the impact of Job Insecurity on Job Performance with mediation analysis of Emotional Intelligence among faculty members of privately-owned degree awarding institutes ... Read More

The worst economic crises since the great financial distress have still depression aftershocks. Few economists have argued that irrational exuberance of short-term investors, complex regulatory frame ... Read More

The country's stock market has now become a major indicator of the direction of the nation’s economy, and undoubtedly the global financial crisis has essentially destroyed all the stock exchanges. Th ... Read More

The paper examines the performance of Shariah compliant and conventional portfolios in Pakistan during the period 2009-19 by using Markowitz minimum-variance framework. Using daily excess returns, we ... Read More

In 2015, IBA CED decided to share its entrepreneurial learning`s throughout Pakistan. In the first phase three cities; Hyderabad, Faisalabad and Gujranwala were selected. Mehran University of Enginee ... Read More

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an emerging concept in the consumer behavior literature. The current study examines the role of customer loyalty (CL) as a mediating variable between the rel ... Read More

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The empirical findings unfold the impact of terrorism collisions on the stock returns using 330 terrorist incidents took place in Pakistan from 2000 to 2017. The GARCH (1,1) methodology is employed t ... Read More

Pressures to achieve sustainability for firms has led them to work in three dimensions of social, environmental and economic ones. Organizations have also realized that sustainable practices cannot b ... Read More

A significant facet hindering the explosive growth of e-commerce is the absence of tactile information about the products. The absence of tactile information may lead to uncertainty in consumer purch ... Read More

Lecturer, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Assistant Professor, Hailey Co ... Read More

Good education is an important indicator of emerging market economies and teacher education has deeper impact on the quality of education. BEd (Hons.) program of University-Alpha aims to develop prof ... Read More

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The existing literature about the overreaction effect in Chinese stock markets is inconclusive and controversial. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the presence of overreaction e ... Read More

The Prime objective of the study is to analyses the influence of Teacher’s personality, transformational leadership skill of a teacher on the teachers’ efficacy of classroom management. And to determ ... Read More

The study is conducted to determine nature of volatility transmission among four financial markets which are stock prices, exchange rate, interest rate and gold prices of Pakistan through employing t ... Read More

According to generally accepted accounting principles as applicable in Pakistan, all the listed companies, in addition to the company’s act 2017, must follow international accounting / financial repo ... Read More

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Workplace incivility has been seen to be, some degree unavoidable and unfriendly for associations and persons. This study investigates such kind of problematic and unusual circumstances that provoke ... Read More

It is important to identify which factors are crucial in impeding or promoting the knowledge hiding among employees is a vital area for business research. This paper is focused on two important areas ... Read More

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Purpose of this research paper is to examine the role of personal demands-resources in reducing burnout through the mediating part of Basic Need Satisfaction (BNS). With the help of Self-Determinatio ... Read More

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Women empowerment is a pivotal issue of developing counties, particularly in Asia and Africa. Zero poverty and gender equality are the distinctive goals among SDGs of UN. Considering the empirically ... Read More

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