This study examines the relationship between preretirement pension planning and life insurance purchase with its empirical findings from retired civil servants in Southwestern, Nigeria. The descrip ... Read More

This research paper identifies the impact of leadership styles on organizational workers’ stress. The aim is to determine if there is a significant impact of overall leadership on work stress and i ... Read More

It is assumed that market orientation gives strategic guidance to the textile firms for better performance. Therefore, this study is an attempt to investigate the impact of market orientation on the ... Read More

Pakistan is facing a persistent trade deficit, resulting in foreign debts-leading to compromise on national policies and sovereignty. This study analyzes international trade of Pakistan with a spec ... Read More

In this paper, the spending patterns of developed countries of the world are studied along with the identification of the effect of public spending components on economic growth of these developed ... Read More

The aim of this research is to investigate the internal and external determinants of the profitability of commercial banks in Pakistan. We took data from 21 commercial banks listed on Pakistan Stoc ... Read More

This study examines the impact of organizational culture and leadership styles on employee commitment towards change in Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan. Data were collected from 200 unive ... Read More

Performance Management System (PMS) comforts performance enhancement, implementation, and achievement of objectives and management of organizational structure. Organizations extract more benefits t ... Read More

US aid is perceived as an important factor in the economic growth of Pakistan. Owing to the United States (US) for aid, Pakistan stood along the US on various occasions, where certain decisions hav ... Read More

This study examines the relationship between Corporate Governance and Foreign Institutional Investment. For this purpose, nine years’ data from 2006-2014 is taken of forty five Pakistani companies ... Read More

This study is conducted to find out the relationship between Maxwell’s stages of leadership and employees’ compensation at the workplace. A survey form is used to collect data from nominated leader ... Read More

This research paper assesses the relative strength of individual, familial, and socio-cultural factors that determine women’s empowerment. A sample of 1000 married women of age ranged from 21-49 ye ... Read More

This paper aims to investigate the impact of reporting of Corporate Governance (CG) practices and accounting information on the market value of firms listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for the ... Read More

The 2009 recession stiffened economic, financial, and business environment in the developed economies. This caused scarcity of funds available for investment abroad. The ensuing financial chaos als ... Read More

This causal study empirically examines the impact of multidimensional Service Innovation (SI) based on New Service Offering/product (NSO), new service process (NSP) and New Service Business Model (N ... Read More

The geostrategic and geopolitical significance of the South Asian region has enhanced over the period of time. The positioning of Pakistan in this region has brought it into the limelight especiall ... Read More

The research is carried out to analyze the banking sectors’ stock market performance of emerging markets of Asia. For the analysis of banking sectors’ stock market performance of emerging markets o ... Read More

From the Non-Western context of Malaysia, this study aims to address the influence of empathy and sensation seeking of international students on their motivation to engage in intercultural communic ... Read More

This study investigates the effect of remittances on agricultural growth and poverty alleviation in the least developed countries. For this purpose, panel data on least developed countries over the ... Read More

Despite the ordinal nature of the phenomenon of women’s empowerment, researchers usually prefer to use Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) technique for measuring its determinants without sufficient reaso ... Read More

One of the biggest challenges of today’s world is to ensure, now and in the future, sustainable human development across the globe. The idea of this study is developed from Agenda 2030. During the ... Read More

The portfolio attempts to analyze various aspects of recruitment and selection so as to explore various issues around it, guidance available under relevant management theories and practices includi ... Read More

This study presents new insights with respect to positioning of multinational brands in Pakistan including the most preferred positioning platform, choice of unique selling proposition, and relevan ... Read More

This research aims to investigate personal and social factors that affect the attitude of consumers and also examines the association of consumers’ attitude towards counterfeit products with purcha ... Read More

This paper has examined the mediating effect of Organizational Learning Capabilities (OLC) on the relationship between Total Quality Management Practices (TQMP), Supply Chain Management Practices ( ... Read More

Empirical research has been conducted on 312 proprietary companies’ data, collected from their annual reports, to test the explanatory power of the Tradeoff Theory and Pecking Order theory for thei ... Read More

The aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship between income structure (income from advances, investment income, and fee income) of banks and insolvency risk in the banking sector of Pak ... Read More

The intent is to provide a conceptual framework on internationalization of SMEs, trying to identify those factors, which affect the state of internationalization of SMEs in Pakistan. Family-owned b ... Read More

This study aims to find out the correlation among microfinance, education, and basic health in the weavers’ clusters of District Charsadda. As several banks financed the enterprises located in the ... Read More

The main objective of this study is to examine the relationship between the job stress, and social support with job burnout dimensions, especially emotional exhaustion and disengagement, among univ ... Read More

In recent years, China has continued its economic and military ascendency within the region and beyond, posing challenges to the supremacy of the US. The model of economic development that China ha ... Read More

The study was primarily concerned with the translation of Social Dominance Orientation (SDO7-16 items) scale into local language. The study was conducted to examine the reliability and validity of ... Read More

This paper develops a conceptual framework to understand the comparative value relevance of accounting information in the publicly listed Malaysian firms. In Malaysia, the concentration of ownershi ... Read More


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