مقالے کی قسم

An idiom is an expression or a word or a phrase that has figurative meanings i.e. it is either an expression phrase or a word whose meanings are not visible but hidden, hidden which is traditionally their meaning and can only be understood by locals and is difficult for people of other languages to understand. These idioms or phrases are commonly used in our conversation. If idioms or phrases are translated literally, they do not give the meanings that are meant, the hidden meanings which are metaphorically understood and spoked. Behind every idiom there is an old story, either the locals know that story or they never know what its origin is, how this proverb or idiom started and how it became popular. Until we understand or learn the meaning of these proverbs and idioms that the locals have explained us, we can never guess from the literal meaning of these proverbs what these words mean. This article explains in detail what idiom is and its different types. This article explains the meaning of proverbs with examples and analyzes them.

Wang Yutong, Dr. Irshad Begum, Dr. Zeenat Afshan. (2020) Analytical Study of Urdu and Chinese Proverbs and Sayings, Makhz (Research Journal) , Volume 1, Issue 2.
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