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This article consists of Urdu Noha (Lamentation), Definitions of Noha, tradition of Noha in brief and tradition of Noha in Bahawalpur (Former State) before and after 1947. Moreover, brief biographies ... Read More

Wali Deccani is one of the earliest established poets of Urdu. He has the status of a teacher in Urdu poetry. Secondly, he also introduces new trends in Urdu poetry by using his artistic abilities. Hi ... Read More

Travelogue, an important feature of Urdu literature is used to narrate one’s observation and experiences during a particular travel. In fact it is a big source to know about the values, norms and geog ... Read More

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One of the striking and significant name of Urdu Fiction in forties was Agha Baber. He is known as fictionist, Playwriter, Columnist, Interpreter and Autobiographer, but his real recognition is his fi ... Read More

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Amin Rahat Chughtai holds a special position as a researcher, critic poet particularly of Naat and Hikko. Bhid Bhanwar is his collection of poems and ghazals published in 1984. His poems and ghazals h ... Read More

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The Urdu text of Iqbal is serious and diverse. Iqbal’s style of Urdu writing is impressive and varied. Iqbal’s Urdu text is also notable in term of eloquence and colorful language. Since the subject o ... Read More

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Syed Masood Ijaz Bukhari is the most significant name of modern Urdu Poet. His intellectual and creative concerns have a socio-cultural backdrop depicted through Pakistani civilizations. It entailed t ... Read More

Hanif Naqvi was a very careful researcher and editor of Urdu Language and Literature. He re-edited ‘ Maasr-e-Ghalib’ edited by Qazi Abdul Wadood. ‘Tazkira e Shuray Sahswan’ edited by Abu Al- Kamal Hak ... Read More

‘Fundamentalism’ is usually ascribed to religious affiliation of individuals. It is an approach or a trend to evaluate individuals’ actions or behavior in religious background. It has acquired level o ... Read More

YA KHUDA is a master piece writing of legendary Qudrat ullah Sahab. He is famous for his SAHABNAMA, a bio-ghaphy. YA KHUDA is, in fact, highlighting the brutal attitude of power players, during the pa ... Read More

Professor Dr. Ehsan Akbar (1938) is a renowned Poet, critic, researcher and a professor of Urdu Language and literature. He wrote many beautiful Lyrics and poems. Some of his Lyrics and poems became f ... Read More

Joun Elia is one of the well- known names of modern Urdu poetry. He introduces the modern trends of Urdu poem and ode in poetry .He expressed his thoughts on different topics and gave a new touch and ... Read More

Latif uz Zaman Khan belonged to Rajputana state of Rajhistan (India). In the aftermath of partition upheavel, he migrated to Pakistan in 1948 and got settled in Karachi.He did Masters in English liter ... Read More

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The land of Bahawalpur is an important part of Pakistan. This excellent historical inheritance is situtated in the heart of Pakistan. This territory has its own separate recognition in the light of kn ... Read More

Humanism was a system of belief in Italy in 13th and 14th centuries and later spread in all over Europe.In the age of Renaissance humanism introduce the revival of classic literature and poetry.Later ... Read More

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Survival of a nation lies in equal contribution of men and women in social, economic and cultural progress and prosperity. Women were deprived of their fundamental rights. As a reaction, women initiat ... Read More

“Farhang i Kuliyat i Meer” prepared by Farid Ahmad Barakati is a major work on the poetry of Meer Taqi Meer in genre of glossary. In contains most of word, compounds, idioms and figurative points of v ... Read More

A large part of this Muslim Ummah is a believer in Sufism and Sufis. The popularity of Sufism has been evident, especially in the Indian subcontinent, as it is a proven historical fact that Sufis have ... Read More

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Asar Sahbai Khwaja was born at Sialkot. He was the junior advocate of Quaid-e-Azam. His poetic work consists of various types of poetry He was greatly impressed by Allama Iqbal like other poets. He ha ... Read More

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Shibli and Hali both had shared same age and almost same conditions. Hali had seen all the ups and downs of war of freedom. He knew whatever was happened before and after that war of 1857. This war ha ... Read More

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Allama Iqbal is a philosopher cum poet. His teachings are useful for humanity till now after passing a century. The Quran played a vital role in shaping his philosophy. His thoughts and teaching canno ... Read More

Allama Iqbal is a philosopher cum poet. His teachings are useful for humanity till now after passing a century. The Quran played a vital role in shaping his philosophy. His thoughts and teaching canno ... Read More

Urdu literature has a rich and prestigious tradition of poetery. The contribution of poetess is a great contribution in this tradition. The discision of Feminism is somehow new and relevant in the lit ... Read More

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The magazine “Ravi” is very popular annual magazine of Government College Lahore, which is continuously publishing up to date. In the beginning its medium of expression was English. From January 1910 ... Read More

Urdu ghazal orignates from Arabic to persion and from persion to Urdu .It started from introduction of Arabic Qaseedah. There was no ghazal in Arabic but tashbeeb. Romantic tashbeeb was called ghazal. ... Read More

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The literal meaning of Ecology is surrounding it means all the things that effect the living beings. It is called Ecology.In fact, the study of Ecology comprises of the study of Biology, Mathematics, ... Read More

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The meaning of the Punjabi words five, Five more meaning of water of the Rivers. As if Punjab meant Land of Five Rivers, Narrator Chenab, Beas, Sutlej and the land of Jhelum. Punjab was named mention ... Read More

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