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Allama Muhammad Iqbal is a distinguished poet, a brilliant scholar and a gifted philosopher. But above all else, he is a true visionary. He is a Sufi poet for all the modern ages that aroused a revolu ... Read More

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Terrorism is a well Known term. It is means any action whitch creats harassment and fear amind the people of same region or a country and the perpetrator who fabricate the problem are called Terroists ... Read More

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Mirza Saeed is great Urdu novelist. His novels have great influence of western novels and culture. His First novel "Khawab e Hasti" in 1905 and second novel "Yasmin" was published in 1908. His second ... Read More

Iqbal was the famous religious Islamic thinker and his thought originated from Islamic belief and culture. Iqbal explained ijtihad as to exert with a view to express an independent judgment but not to ... Read More

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