The ability of low cost activated carbon based on tamarind stone for the removal of copper ion from water was explored. Tamarind stone was converted into activated carbon by lean air carbonization and chemically activated by barium chloride. The factors affecting on adsorption process i-e particle size, concentration, and pH were investigated. Maximum adsorption i-e 64% of copper ions occurs at 100 mg/L initial concentration by 0.1g of activated carbon having 149μ particle size. The adsorption of coppr(II) ions was higher at higher pH value i-e 21 mg/L. Adsorption was found to be increased with increase in temperature due to endothermic nature .The potential of the prepared activated carbon for removal of copper ions from aqueous media was satisfactory.

Shah Muhammad Haroon, Sammia Shahid, Fakhra Ashraf. (2018) Adsorption Capacity of Low Cost Activated Carbon For Removal of Copper Ions From Aqueous Media, Scientific Inquiry and Review, Volume 2, Issue 3.
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