This article is about investigation of export-led growth and growth-led export hypotheses in case of Pakistan exports to top three exports partners namely: USA, UAE and UK. Time series data over the ... Read More

There is an accumulated body of literature on the diffusion of a variety of relatively new strategic management tools in organizations. However, there is scant research on the level of association b ... Read More

For a century, college-trained, professional racial minorities: specifically, African American women with a preference in grooming methods have contributed to the labor market; however, in the new m ... Read More

The paper explores the existence and the stability of Phillips curve for North Cyprus, a small developing economy, using time series data. ADF unit root test is employed to check for stationarity. A ... Read More

The movements of people refer to the concept of migration and urbanization. Basically these are the demographic concepts. In general, migration is a necessary element of population redistribution an ... Read More

This paper attempts to look into the microfinance sector of Pakistan, its effectiveness and outreach and will further explore if microfinance has been effective enough to ensure sustainable developm ... Read More


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