This paper establishes a symmetric two-country model with vertically related markets. In the downstream market, there is one firm in each country selling a homogeneous good, whose production generat ... Read More

Study of the problems of uncertainty in innovation is at present the most up to date. Approaches to its definition, arranged primarily on the assumption and include the known parameters, which essen ... Read More

Governance of a specific field is shaped by not only the instrumental rationality but also the institutional rationality. In this research the instrumental rationality was manifested by the service ... Read More

Increasing research on problematic internet use (PIU) makes it necessary to distinguish between the generalized use of internet and its specific applications. This study explores the relationships a ... Read More

Textile sector is considered as the backbone of Pakistani economy. The profitability and sustainability of the textile sector is very important for the economic growth of Pakistan. Working capital h ... Read More


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