This study traces subordinate women’s perceptions of the root causes of the rift and polarization between women in subordinate positions and women in super-ordinate positions and how this impacts fe ... Read More

Present study endeavours to assess the comparative advantage of Pakistan’s exports to selected regional economies around the world namely Asian, OECD, and Latin American economies. Revealed comparat ... Read More

The purpose of this paper is to review the academic literature available in the field of Entrepreneurial Intention (EI), and conduct a content analysis of the same for the purpose of classification ... Read More

The Sports industry has played a vital role in the economy of Pakistan. The recent high failure rate of small and medium businesses in the sports sector has necessitated the need to identify strateg ... Read More

In this paper the author has tried to highlight the factors, which determine growth of cottage industry in province of the Punjab. A questionnaire has been developed to check the significance of dif ... Read More

This research is about transformational leadership style on organization commitment in Punjab. We collected data through questionnaire from education and banking sector of Punjab. The study includes ... Read More

In this paper we aim to show that not only are the project management techniques important for small-scale projects, but following proper project management techniques is one of the most important r ... Read More

This study is conducted to analyse the factors, which significantly affect employee job satisfaction in Microfinance Banks of Pakistan. Furthermore, the impact of employee job satisfaction is evalua ... Read More


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