The study aim to find the impact of access to finance for improving the performance of MSEs in Punjab, Pakistan. The researchers also try to further estimate the moderating effect of entrepreneuri ... Read More

In this paper the authors identify and investigate the key factors which influence intentions to purchase passenger cars among consumers in Pakistan. A questionnaire was developed to check the sig ... Read More

The objective of this research is to apply DBBE model to discover the constructs to measure the religious event as a business brand on the bases of devotees’ perception. SEM technique was applied to ... Read More

Perceived service quality is very important concept in banking sector. It is therefore necessary to acknowledge the perception of customers from different areas-as they are becoming more critical an ... Read More

People who belongs to underdeveloped and developing countries, focus on getting employment in different developed countries. In the recent past years the number of people working in different countr ... Read More

Socio-economic challenges that have bedevilled post-independent Zimbabwe have resulted in many women embracing Informal Cross-Border Trade (ICBT) on a full-time basis. While many ethnic Shona wome ... Read More

This study explores the relationship between affective commitment and subjective career success among academics in the private sector of the country as the emotional attachment of employees to the ... Read More

This study aims to examine the effect of perceived risk factors (i.e. perceived performance risk, financial risk, time-loss risk, psychological risk and source risk) on consumers' unwillingness to ... Read More

This study measures the determinants of customer loyalty in the banking sector by analyzing variables such as customer satisfaction, brand trust, perceived price and service quality. Being a descr ... Read More

The presence of a gap between genders in entrepreneurship has been attracting increasing academic attention. This gap is wider from developing countries like Pakistan in which women entrepreneurs ... Read More

Intense competition dictates companies to perform better by being consistent. The application of integrated marketing communication components makes firms successful as it creates brand awareness ... Read More

Entrepreneurial orientation, market orientation, and network ties are considered as separate antecedents for performance of enterprises in the developing countries of like Pakistan. Majority of th ... Read More

Pakistani banking industry is at transforming stage, making investment in technology to upgrade its infrastructure for implementation of cashless banking in the country. This study examines the im ... Read More

This paper examines the role of training in escalating personal belief that how people perceive information and think about their abilities along with highlighting the significance of incorporatin ... Read More

Time series data entails considering the linearity or nonlinearity along threshold level before processing it to comprise in a model for policy makers to policy implication. Enders and Siklos (200 ... Read More

The core aim of this study is to find the effects of organizational justice on employees’ counter productive work behavior and turnover intentions considering the explanatory and moderating roles ... Read More


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