This purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of perceived organizational support (independent) on employees’ safety consciousness (dependent) with mediating role of trust. Data were col ... Read More

This research focused on the agricultural sub-sectors share in agriculture GDP in Pakistan. The research is based on secondary data and research has taken 66 years past data from the economic surve ... Read More

This paper attempts to explore the effect of ownership structure and excess control on firm performance in Pakistan. The pragmatic examination is accomplished through employing a data set comprisin ... Read More

This study is to examine the forces behind Audit Report Lag (ARL) with employing agency theory. Generally Non- Audit Services (NASs) are recognized as those services, which impair the auditor indep ... Read More

Urbanization-growth-environment nexus has been on the forefront of discussion among researchers for the couple of decades. The increased economic activity and urbanization lead to resource depletio ... Read More

The purpose of this study was to empirically investigate initial public offering underpricing and to investigate the determinants of IPOs listed at Pakistan stock exchange during the period from Ja ... Read More

Human beings learn from their surrounding environments. It consists of family, peers and social circles. Our research aim is to determine the effect of family, peers and social networking media on ... Read More

Regional connectivity and progress is related to vision of shared development. This is the philosophy behind the development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Building new transport infrastructu ... Read More

Facebook has become an integral part of the routine activities of almost everyone now days. Excessive use of Facebook can cause its addiction to the individuals. The study has done to identify cons ... Read More

This study tackles the disposition of electronic mail (email) records in public departments in Zimbabwe. The study established that there were no clearly laidout guidelines on e-mail records managem ... Read More

This study used to test the threshold cointegration approach to test the Roomer (1993) hypothesis of sacrifice ratio in case of Pakistan for economic growth, inflation rate and exchange rate using ... Read More

This study aims at examining the impact of auditor tenure on audit-quality, moreover, to observe whether the mandatory auditor-rotation will result in enhancement of audit quality. Data for the per ... Read More

The objective of the study is to estimate the impact of mergers and acquisitions on banking and textile sector of Pakistan during 2004 to 2012 by applying the data envelopment analysis. Three years ... Read More

The objective of this study to analyze the demographic variables (age, gender, education and position) and their effect on work values (core values, work environment, work interaction and work acti ... Read More

The fundamental reason for the examination is to explain the relationship between the Internal Audit Functions (IAF) and the nature of financial reporting quality in the segment of the Pakistan tex ... Read More

The present study attempts to evaluate and analyze the insample fit and out-sample fit forecasting performance of the high/low beta portfolio returns based on the specific to general approach of the ... Read More

This study assesses socio-demographic variables on the demand for health insurance in Lagos State. For this purpose, the researchers have been able to examine selected socio-economic and demographi ... Read More

Pakistan has been facing diverse kind of environmental challenges. These challenges mainly include recurring droughts, floods, dengue, coastal erosion and desertification. Drought has been a recurr ... Read More

The main objective of this paper is to find the impact of inflation, interest rate, growth and profitability on stock returns. The data for profitability and growth have been collected from 5 years ... Read More

The objective of the study is to investigate the moderating role of stress management on the relation of information overload syndrome and performance of university students. It has been noticed th ... Read More

Consumer values have been identified as key antecedents in predicting individual's attitude towards purchase of a product. This study identifies some of the most important consumer values that effe ... Read More

This Paper aims at the dynamic assessment of the size of underground economy and tax evasion in Pakistan with the help of time series data ranging from 1966-2010. Using modified version of monetary ... Read More

Education plays a decisive role in the economic development as well as social development of a country. Every state is well aware about the fruit of education and makes an effort to enhance its fur ... Read More

The global financial crisis tested ASEAN on their national and business policies following after which successful recovery was witnessed in many of these economies. Nonetheless, economic and busine ... Read More

Most of the previous studies have concentrated on the working of multinationals operating in advanced countries like USA, UK and Japan ignoring emerging economies like Pakistan. This study examines ... Read More

This study empirically investigates the impact of operational performance on financial performance of Malaysia Airlines system (MAS). Based on twenty two (22) years’ annual time series data, step w ... Read More

Economic growth is the most desirous goal of any country and this article attempts to capture the impact of banking sector and secondary market on economic growth. Financial development has been ca ... Read More

The study was conducted to assess the importance of Leadership responses in relation with the communication challenges in socio economic stress situations which is faced by the organization and as ... Read More

This research investigates the impact of sovereign credit rating (SCR) and composite country risk on yield of Pakistan government bonds from period 1995 to 2015. Moderating variables added includin ... Read More

Workplace spirituality has gained attention of researchers in last two decades. Material investment is no more considered to be an enough ingredient towards getting desired outcomes from the employ ... Read More

With the rise of global competition, organizations must acquire new knowledge and enhance their capabilities in response to fast changing market requirements. In international markets, organization ... Read More

The primary purpose of the study is to propose a hypothesized model which can explore the association, if any between entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial intentions. The data was collected f ... Read More

This study is used to explore the employee’s engagement in corporate sector of Pakistan and it also tries to overleaf the antecedents and consequences of employee’s engagement. A model has been dev ... Read More

This study explores the key factors of Total Quality Management (TQM) and their impact on performance of selected service sector organization in Pakistan. Using structured questionnaire data has be ... Read More

This is a study conducted on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and the existence of a direct relationship between them. Then the effect of these two variables is seen on consumer complaint ... Read More

The study accomplishes a healthy endeavor to investigate the short run and the long run impact of macroeconomic variables on stock exchange prices in case of Pakistan. The relationship between macr ... Read More

This study has investigated determinants of cash holdings for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Pakistan by using random effects panel data techniques. The sample is sorted from the population ... Read More

Approaches to learning are the ways of going about learning. Three main approaches have been identified in research on student learning: a deep approach, a surface approach and a strategic approach ... Read More


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