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This research is aimed at finding the nature and treatment of the theme of love in poetry having different linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds. The selected poems of Mawlana Jalal-ud-Din ... Read More

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The knowledge of Isteghara is the basic Principal in the field of Balagat. Which has its effects on persons hearing. According to scholars the knowledge of Isteghara is thetype of temporary knowled ... Read More

Sahihul Bukhari is ranked as the most authentic book after the Noble Qur’an. The book has been elucidated and interpreted by a number of scholars and interpreters. It’s most prominent interpretation ... Read More

This paper analyzes elaboration of emotions and feelings in arabic translation of Novel Angels & Demons by Dan Brown through different types of positive and negative emotions, graduation in intensi ... Read More

Abdul- Rehman Peshawari (1236---1711 AD) is famous for Rehman Baba was the son of Abdul Satar Khan. He was the resident of Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Phkhtunkhwa Pakistan. He was a great poet ... Read More

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and the best prayer and the completion of the handover to Muhammad Al-Mustafa Al-Amin, his family and his companions, and after that: The human view of life ... Read More

After Faith in Allah the duty of judges plays very significant role in the promulgation of Sharia commands which ensure a peaceful and tranquil socity.Justice is considered a sacred duty for judges ... Read More

Among all the divine religions it is the capacity of Islam that all the utterances of the Messenger of Allah have been recorded and retained. In other religions, not only the sayings of spiritual le ... Read More

The Theoretical form of Islam is the Holy Quran and the applied form is the Life of the Holy Prophet which is called Seerat-un-Nabi (﴾صلى الله عليه وسلم .(﴿Allah mentioned the different aspects of ... Read More

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A Fatwa is about copying a command with clarity and answering difficult Shari'ah issues which are uncommon. The person who fulfills such kind of responsibility and issues a fatwa is called “Mufti” ... Read More

Sahaba karam are the companions of Holy prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم (who along with the reception of spiritual privileges also received direct knowledge from his teachings. The name of Hazrat Anas I ... Read More

Allah has ordained for humanity a code of life in the form of Islam which not guides humanity in every walk of life but also protect their life, property, self-esteem and reason. Human life and rea ... Read More

Allāma Ghulām Rasōl Sa‘eedī (1937-2016) stands ahead among those intellectual par excellence who spent their entire life in the propagation of Islamic knowledge and departed this mundane world duri ... Read More

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Egypt has been the producing nursery of poets and writers for the last two centuries.It has also welcomed writers and poets from the neighbor Arab countries and thus became a rich land of knowledge. ... Read More

Maulana Muhammad Abdul Khaliq (may Allah have mercy on him) was born in Bajaur, Guwahati, around 5 AD. Then he settled in the village of Katkot in Bajaur, so he became known as Gawati Maulvi Sahib a ... Read More

Allah (SWT) has sent the prophets for the propagation of Deen and thus completetdDeen through the last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Due to that he announced on the occasion of Last Sermon on the Mount o ... Read More

One of the aspects Imam Ibn al-QayyimAl-Jawziyah – God bless his soul - concerned with was answering the apparently contradicted and different Hadiths. He always discusses Hadiths that have contradi ... Read More

Since, Men and woman both are complement to each other; woman had been deprived of her legitimate socio-economic rights not only in antiquity but in modern era as well. The literature indicated that ... Read More

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Molana Muhammad TahirPanjpiri was born in Swabi in 1916.He followed the footsteps of Shah Ismail Shaheed to fight against the forbidden practices in Islam.To expound the teaching of Islam, he introd ... Read More

The article draws a comparative sketch of the texts of the Holly Quran and Bible on the matter of the descent of the second last prophet Isa A.S. as to the point of his descent, the two-holly texts ... Read More

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Tafseer Marif-ul-Quran and Tafseer Zia-ul-Quran are contemporary interpretations of the Holy Quran. Their writeres have mentioned the events in their books on the basis of their intellectual ability ... Read More

Most of the world is going to be named Muhammad. According to a report of Daily “Nawayy Waqt” Dated: 19, Jan, 2015 more than 15 million people in the world are named Muhammad.If this is the cause of ... Read More

Qur'an is a Quranic interpretation of the Quran by Amin Ahsan Islahi. Who is a special student of Mawlana Hameed-ud-din Farahi. He has tried to present the thought of his teacher in his commentary a ... Read More

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