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Al-Durr al Manthur fi al- Tafsir al- Ma’thur (The scattered pearls: A commentary of Qur’an based on transmitted reports) by Jalal al- Din al-Suyuti (born 1445, Cairo, Egypt died October 17, 1505, C ... Read More

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Imam Fakhr al- Dinal –Razi (1149-1209) the writer of 93 huge academic deliberations is also the author of Mafatih al-Ghaib” the keys to unknown” commonly known as Al –Tafsir alKabir . This encyclop ... Read More

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The evil eye is the name of a sickness or misfortune transmitted usually with or without intention by someone who is envious, jealous and covetous from among human beings or jinns. It can impose b ... Read More

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Islam has emphasized Muslims to be kind and soft with Ahl-e-Kitaab more than other polytheists (Mushrikeen) and allowed them to have meals and Nikaah with women of ahl e Kitaab. Although some cond ... Read More

Gardens and forests protect environment and make it pleasant. Everyone in the world belonging to any culture or civilization like gardens and orchards.Muslims have always been fond of gardens. Ad ... Read More

Ekramah Berberi RA was the slave of Abdullah bin Abbas RA (the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). His patronormic is Abu Abdullah and his appellation is “Berberi”. He is among those great benef ... Read More

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